4 X 8 Mineral Feeder

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4' X 4' and 4' X 8' Mineral Feeders

These Feeders are built to last. Treated Wood, Galvanized Screws, and PVC Plastic Sheeting ensure that these Feeders will be around for several years. We use these products daily in our ranching operation. Our cattle try them out before your's do.
These Feeders are constructed to withstand the Coastal environment. Galvanized Screws will not rust and back out as do common nails. We do not use Ply Wood or Pressed Wood in our Feeders. The sides are made from PVC Plastic sheeting that are 3/4 " thick. The trough is 1/2" PVC Plastic sheeting. This material will not rust or rot.
This adds up to a long lasting Feeder that is not rotting away.